What kind of service does art and
interior consulting offer its clients?

Harmony, melodious sounds or dissonance are terms that belong to the world of music but still they
may also stand for the composition of small and large art collections. Thus a concerto of the senses
can be created with pictures, sculptures, porcelain or glass objects.

The art consultancy covers the whole range of possible requests. An international network of galleries,
museums, artists' workshops and collectors offer us an efficient way to find a suitable and pleasing so-
lution for the needs of our clientele. We do accompany you at the important art fairs worldwide, as well
as establishing contacts to renowned or upcoming artists.

To ensure the highest possible certainty for my clients while buying or selling a painting, I do create
a scientifically sound evaluation if this is required. These expertises mainly include the field of Spanish
painting of the 16th and 17th century, which has become my specialty already during my doctorate
and later in various publications.

For a perfect setting of your art objects, a rearranging of the pictures or figures may often be enough
to achieve that additional look and feel but we also do provide professional interior designers to create
the ultimate ambience for your collection. Framing and restoration too, are lasting ways for achieving
superb new effects. Especially within a dialogue of art and space a sublime beauty may result which
then reflects the uniqueness of the collector and his or her art.

Consulting in this domain is the result of a vision that allows us to achieve an optimal result for your
art and surrounding, as well as to your personal satisfaction. It means to us to accompany our custo-
mers, either private or representatives of institutions, throughout their projects predicated with a pro-
ductive communication and organization to achieve the desired goals. This service is combined with
many years of experience preserving strictest confidence and the same and respectful attitude to the
individual as to his or her taste in art.

Stephanie Hermann
ph.D Art historian

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